Lyle Spencer, Ph.D.

member emotional intelligence consortium

Affiliation: Competency International


Lyle M. Spencer PhD. is President, Spencer Research & Technology, co-founder of Competency International, Cybertroncis Research Fellow, Director, Human Resource Technologies, author and independent consultant on competency development, reengineering human resources, and HR return on investment analysis.

As HayGroup Vice President, Research & Technology, and President and CEO of McBer & Company, Dr. Spencer developed Hay's worldwide Hay McBer practice, training four hundred consultants in Hay offices in twenty-four countries. In twenty-five years with McBer, Dr. Spencer conducted organizational diagnosis, training, and development programs for such clients as AT&T, Abbott Laboratories, DEC, Fannie Mae, General Electric, General Motors, GTE, Honeywell, Hospital Corporation of America, IBM, Merck Pharmaceutical, MCI, Nortel, Mobil, Nihon Schering and Saudi Aramco.

Dr. Spencer has managed major leadership- and organizational-development contracts with the U.S. Army and Navy. For U.S. A.I.D. and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, he managed economic development programs in Latin America, Africa, and Asia, identifying entrepreneurs and training academic, government, banking, and business people in achievement motivation techniques for stimulating national entrepreneurial activity.

Dr. Spencer developed Hay McBer's competency assessment methodology with Harvard Prof. David McClelland, and methods for calculating the costs and benefits of human resource programs. He has published books, software, and numerous articles on these topics, and trained more than a thousand HR professionals in competency and cost-benefit methods. His current research concerns reengineering human resources and the development of expert system Integrated Human Resources Management. Information Systems (IHRMIS). using multi-media, interactive voice response, and voice recognition technologies. He has taught at the business schools of the University of Chicago and University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.


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Book Chapters

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