Emotional & Social Competence Inventory - University Edition


The ESCI-U is a special version of the Boyatzis-Goleman Emotional and Social Intelligence test available to universities at a dramatically lower price than the corporate version. The ESCI-U assesses 14 competencies (5 emotional intelligence, 7 social intelligence , and 2 cognitive). The multi-rater version of the ESCI-U is unique as the most well validated and widely used behavioral measure of emotional and social intelligence. The ESCI-U has a track record for use with students in schools, colleges and universities.

CREIO Statement

Many tests that promise to measure emotional intelligence have appeared in recent years.  Some of these tests seem promising, but many have not been empirically evaluated.  As a service to our visitors, we have reviewed many of these tests and selected those for which there is a substantial body of research (at least five published journal articles or book chapters that provide empirical data based on the test).  However, inclusion of a test on this web site does not constitute an endorsement of that test by CREIO.

The multi-rater feedback provides a platform for developing the critical Emotional and Social competencies empirically linked to effective performance in a wide variety of managerial, leadership and professional roles. The ESCI-U is currently used at the undergraduate, Masters, and doctoral levels in many countries.

Basic Information

Administration: Multi - Rater
Administration Time: 30 - 45Minutes


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