Kathy Cavallo, Psy.D.

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Affiliation: Corporate Consulting Group
Email: kc@corpconsultinggroup.com


Dr. Cavallo is an organizational psychologist and senior consultant specializing in the growth and development of leaders and leadership teams. For more than 20 years, she has focused her practice and research in the area of senior executive coaching, and the methods and practices which  promote personal and professional success and well being. Her work as a coach and consultant follows a successful career as an executive in industry, where she led a multi-million dollar franchise for a major retailer. She has worked throughout North America, Europe, and Asia and has extensive and diverse experience in international business.

Areas of Practice
Dr. Cavallo was awarded the International Organizational Development Grand Award for her research in Leadership and Emotional Intelligence conducted at Johnson & Johnson. The study, one of the largest of its kind, showed a strong relationship between Emotional competence and performance. The five year follow-up study identified a significant relationship between Emotional Competence and salary change; a strong measure of success in organizations today. Her practice focuses on assessing and developing leadership competence at the individual and organizational level. She works with leaders to enhance their personal leadership capabilities, most frequently their Emotional and Social Competence and helps them build competency models and performance management systems that identify and reward the behaviors and capabilities that create healthy cultures and drive business success. She is passionate about helping leaders recognize the true power in adopting a Servant Leader mindset and style , and the value it brings to their organizations.

She has worked extensively with executives during critical career transitions and successions to accelerate learning and promote early successes. Kathleen also works with executive committees and boards on CEO and executive level succession planning, successor selection
and transition. Her clients include individuals and teams of Fortune 100 companies and non-profits in healthcare, education, consumer, pharmaceutical, and financial services industries.

Affiliations and Education
Kathleen founded Corporate Consulting Group in 1999, where she was the managing partner until 2006.  In 2003, she was appointed a Visiting Faculty member in the Organizational Psychology Doctoral Program at the Graduate School of Applied Professional Psychology  at Rutger’s University where she taught Career Counseling and Consulting and headed the Student Internship Program until 2008, when the Organizational Psychology program closed.
She joined Hay Group in 2007, as a Senior Consultant in the Leadership and Talent practice in their NY office. While there, she played a significant role in several Leadership Assessment and Development projects for Pfizer, Honeywell, Hess, Johnson & Johnson,  and Novartis. Her research, while at Hay Group, was in the area of CEO Selection and Succession, and she was a core member of the team who developed the CEO Succession protocols and practice area.  Dr. Cavallo returned to Corporate Consulting Group as Managing Partner in 2010.

Kathleen received her doctorate in Organizational Psychology from the Graduate School of Applied Professional Psychology at Rutgers University. She is a member of the American Psychological Association, Division 13, Consulting Psychology, and a member in the Consortium for Research on Emotional Intelligence in Organizations. She is also an elected member on her local school Board of Education.

She holds certifications in ESCI, ECI,  ILS (Inventory of Leadership Style), OCS ( Organizational Climate Survey), BEI ( Behavioral Event Interviewing), and Hogan suite of leadership assessments.


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