Emotional Intelligence Consortium- Membership

The Consortium for Research on Emotional Intelligence in Organizations currently consists of 12 core members, 115 individual members, and four organizational members. Drs. Daniel Goleman and Robert Emmerling currently serve as co-chairs of the Consortium. Members of the Consortium are individuals who are actively engaged in research on emotional intelligence in organizations. They are drawn from academia, government, the corporate sector, and private consulting.

Organizational and corporate members have made a commitment to furthering high quality research on the application of emotional intelligence in organizational settings. The current organizational members are: Genos International and Think 2 Perform. If you are interested in a membership for your organization please contact Dr. Robert Emmerling.

North America



Rick Aberman
Susan Ashford
James Bailey
Reuven Bar-On
Vaibhav Birwatkar
Howard E. Book
Marc Brackett
Patricia Bravo
Scott Bryant
David R. Caruso
Kathy Cavallo
Estelle Codier
Jarik Conrad
Roisin P. Corcora
téphane Côté
Marie Dasborough
Catherine Daus
Susan David
Satish Deshpande
Michael Edwardson
Melissa Extein
Forouzan Farnia
Zorana Ivcevic
Anthony I. Jack
Robert Jones
Steve Kelner
Ethan Kross
John Liptak
Roy Lubit
Carl Marci
Richard A. Mendelson
Chao Miao

Bobby Moore
Estelle M. Morin
Jerry Mount
Tom Neil
Ken Nowack
Janet Patti
Anthony Pescosolido
Corinne Prost
Joann Quinn
Kenneth S. Rhee
Marian Ruderman
Fabio Sala
Peter Salovey
Craig R. Seal
Daniel Shapiro
Sudeep Sharma
Melvin L. Smith
Robin Stern
Henry L. Thompson
David Van Rooy
Ellen Van Oosten
Richard M. Vardaris
Sue Thompson
Ilene Wasserman
Steven Wolff
Chuck Wolfe
Lauris Woolford

Sara Bonesso
Joan Manuel Batista-Foguet
Bénédicte Gendron
Geetu Bharwaney
Natalio Extremera
Fabrizio Gerli
Massimiliano Ghini
Gail Kinman

Ilios Kotsou
Cliff Lansley
Paulo Lopes
Mark Kriger

Sergio Mérida
Marcello Mortillaro
Moïra Mikolajczak
Ralf Müller
Ioannis Nikolaou
K.V. Petrides
Juan-Carlos Pérez-González
Lourdes Rey
Carlos Royo
Mark Slaski
Maria Vakola

Middle East

Fathi Abdulhamid Abdulkade Mohamed Ben Ammar
Mourad Ali Eissa
Gaye Ozdemir

Pooja Anand
Nasser Mohammed

Shankargouda Bharamanaikar

Badri Bajaj
lffat S. Chaudhry
Maw-Der Foo
Vishal Gupta

Shama Kadadi
Feng Kong
Albert Liau
Shamira Malekar
Ramu Nagarajapillai
Priyam Dhani
Deepa Ranganathan
Anjana Sen
Ashis Sen
Anil Sehrawat
Anamika Sharma
Tanu Sharma
Radha R. Sharma
Sanjay Kumar Singh

Zeenat Sayeed
Shailendra Singh

Wan Khairuzzaman
Archana Upadhyay


Neal Ashkanasy
Daisung Jang
Peter Jordan

Ashkan Khalili
Ben Palmer

Nicola Schutte

Staff Members

Adam Ben-Hanania
Jenny Lee

How to Apply for Individual Membership

If you feel that you meet the criteria listed below and are interested in being considered for individual membership in the Consortium please contact Dr. Robert Emmerling.

Criteria for Individual Membership

To be admitted for membership, one must have published several empirical journal articles on the topic of emotional or social intelligence in organizations. Empirically based work can include qualitative, process-oriented research, but requires that the publication involve the collection, analysis and discussion of original data to answer a specific research question(s). In addition, members must meet the following criteria:

1. Hold a Doctoral Degree in Psychology or related field.

2. Currently be doing research or interventions related to emotional or social intelligence as evidenced by publication of articles in the peer-reviewed literature in journals with recognized impact factor.

2. Is passionate about promoting emotional or social intelligence through research.

3. Has expertise that enhances the consortium's capabilities.







EI Consortium Copyright Policy

Any written material on this web site can be copied and used in other sources as long as the user acknowledges the author of the material (if indicated on the web site) and indicates that the source of the material was the web site for the Consortium for Research on Emotional Intelligence in Organizations (www.eiconsortium.org).